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Combining 35 years of retail experience with 21 years of it in South East Asia and with access to over 4000 registered farms in South Africa, we ensure the highest quality products are available to our clients. From sourcing, pricing, shipping to destination and after sales service, we have built our reputation on providing high level of customer satisfaction to allow us to to build relationships and partnerships throughout the supply chain.

"Delivering excellence through execution"

Apples and pears in crates
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During my 35 years of retail experience, I spent 21 years of working in retail in Southeast Asia. I have seen many changes come to the industry not only from the customers experience but also the supply chain side of the business. Customers have come to expect greater range, higher quality and more competitive pricing in the products they buy. This includes fresh fruit with the modern retailers sourcing their products from all over the world. During my time working for Giant Indonesia, Giant Malaysia, Puregold, Makro, Metro Gaisano, LCC and AllDay I worked with suppliers globally to source fruit from the United States, China, Australia, Japan and South Africa. As a South African I was always aware of the high quality and incredible range of fruit available as well as South African distributors exporting fruit all over the world. With quality that meets international standards as well as highly competitive pricing, modern logistics and a great selection, South Africa was a great option to meet the needs of a more discerning Asian market. Partnering with local South African distributors and adapting it to my experience and knowledge of markets in Southeast Asia, I founded Weberic Exclusif Fruit. I want to position Weberic to offer the Asian market better access to incredible range from South Africa. I see this market continuing to grow and want to work with our clients and suppliers to increase South Africa contribution to this growth. In addition, I want to increase the availability and demand for South African stone fruit in Southeast Asia to allow for greater access to premium range of stone fruits such as peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines. 

Ernest Potgieter
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